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I am a holistic massage therapist that specialises in deep tissue massage and hot stone massage.

Everyone is different, and as part of my treatment I enjoy working together to find the best way to work with you and your body. This could be working through injuries and on going pain or just the need for some relaxing time out on the couch.


I bring my treatments to your door in Cardiff, Brecon and Aarea.

I also do work place (corporate) and event massage so please go to links below to find out more.

Pampering parties for hen or events can also be linked up with my Neals Yard Remadies treatments.

Massage Options

Massage tailored to your needs

Mobile Massage

More convenient to have a massage in the luxury of your own home?

Corporate Massage

A treat for hard working employees.

Proven benefits from mobile massage in the work place.

Groups & Parties

Parent Club package

Hen Parties

Friends nights in

Groups of 3+

Please note, I am a professional Massage Therapist and therefore, my treatments are only carried out under a sheet, and only the areas being worked on are uncovered (In agreement with the client). Please note this is a professional therapy service I do not provide any sexual services.


James Trigg


Holistic & Deep TIssue Massage


I have had many massages from Heather. She offers a variety of options and has a very professional approach. She has treated different parts of the body and knows how to deal with what she finds. During the session she will increase and decrease pressure whist always ensuring you get the best for your needs.

Highly recommended!

Heather is very skilled in a variety of massage techniques. She adapts the massage to suit your particular needs and made a huge difference to my sore back!

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Deep Tissue Massage

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