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My name is Heather Ward, and I am new Massage therapist in the area.

I am a Holistic Massage Therapist that specialises in Deep Tissue Massage and Hot Stones Massage.


I have mainly worked so far with sports injuries, sport recovery, sleeping issues and individuals with chronic pain.


I do a variety of massage styles such as relaxation, mobilisation, energy work, trigger point, basic myofascial release techniques, basic swedish massage and deep muscle relief.


I am a level 4 Holistic Massage Therapist. I gained my Dip HE in Bristol College of Body Massage from the Massage Training Institute.

On top of my main qualification of holistic massage I have also qualified in Deep Tissue massage techniques run by Andy Fagg, chair massage and hot stone massage giving me a variety of skills to help individualise, my massage treatments.


I am hopping to develop my practice further into the field of myfascial release techniques. This is due to my own experience of back pain. I have found pain relief and postural release through basic techniques I have learnt, relieving my continual back pain. Through this and hot stone massage I feel excited to offer something I think is almost like magic in its effects on the body.

I love massage. It gives me great pleasure to give my clients a chance to loosen up, take time out and go into 'the land of relaxation'.

If you would like to look at what Holistic Massage Therapy is please click this link and take a look at my interpretation of what this means.

Behind the massage:


I come from a farming background in west Wales, and have worked in a variety of jobs such as riding instructing, outdoor pursuits instructing, Care work for both elderly and disabled individuals. I have also been a teaching assistant for a number of years before settling into an outdoor retail store in Cardiff where I was a techniqual sales assistant and Clothing buyer.


My love of sports and caring for people has led me on the path to massage, as it is a great tool to have with both humans and animals. I have also found through various sporting injuries it can be an huge relief to have a good massage to help aid recovery.

When I am not working you will often find me walking, climbing and enjoying the company of friends and family (preferably outside having fun).

Please feel welcome to get in touch to ask any questions, or if you prefer, to book an appointment.

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