Make your muscles go "oohhh"

Hot Stone Massage bringing luxury to deep tissue massage

Hot and Cold stone massage is a luxurious treatment, that is perfect to get the deep massage effect without the need for the depth.


The heat from the stones radiates through the muscle going deeper than a manual massage stroke can. The muscles feel like the knotts are melting  and disolving with the heat, it's a truly magnificent feeling.

Will it be too hot?

I ask each client if they are a hot or warm bath person, and then will test each set of stones with a super quick touch to see if it is too hot for you. As with all my massage treatments each step is done with the clients comfort zone in mind, going with how you feel, and what you are happy with.

Cold Stone Massage:

This is a choice you can have in your treatment, this is brilliant for indeviduals that have circulation issues, recovering from injury, want to feel refreshed and envigorated.

1hr30min is my recommended time for treatment especially for full body. 1hr just doesn't feel enough time to really get the full satisfactory result from the stones.

1hr is fine for specific areas needing work...personally I could be treated four hours I love it!

What happens with the stones?

They are used as tools to massage your muscle, some will also be placed under your body (more comfortable than it sounds). Others will be placed to help warm up muscles before they are worked on.


Holistic Massage 1hr - £45

Deep Tissue Massage 1hr - £45

Hot stones Massage 1hr - £55

Hot Stones Massage 1hr 30Min - £75 (recommended Period)

Chair Massage 30min - £25

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