What is Deep Tissue Massage?

Deep Tissue Massage is a mixture of trigger point therapy, mayofascia work and sports massage. It similar to sports massage in its depth and intention, but sports massage is more direct and mixed with physio aspects.

With Deep Tissue we work with your whole body using muscle and myofascial work in a 'gentler' more holistic manner.

This is my interpretation, other practitioners may see it in a different light.

What to expect:

There is more conversation and comunication in this session than the holistic massage, as I learn where the areas of need are, and how deeply we can work together to help your body to recover.

I tend to do an out-of-5 scale on the level of discomfort. When working really deep this can help me understand what your body is asking for.

Treatment plan:

Together in the consultation we work out a treatment plan to help best treat your symptoms.

It is different to holistic massage in that the treatment is very much guided by you and your body, and that unlike holistic, this often changes throughout the treatment. For example, back pain may be being caused by a trigger point in your bum muscles,which we might not be aware of until we work deeper into your back muscle.

Our bodies have an amazing power to guide us to help it to heal. It is our job to try and interpret the path it wants us to take.

No alterations to an agreed treatment plan will be made without your consent.

From the Start:

The start is similar to the holistic massage in that we have a consultation to work out together what you want from the session. Together, we work out a treatment plan.

You can then undress in private, to the extent necessary for the massage.

It's then time for you to slide under the sheets and get comfy.

I will check that you are ready, then return to the room to start the massage.

There will be a lot of communication in the first few deep tissue massages until I get to know your body and your comfort limits. This is important for deep tissue work as we need your body to work with my massage to get the best possible response.

This will finish normally with a few softer calming bits of massage to help the body know the deep work is coming to an end.

I will then leave the room when you can get up slowly and dress.

Effects of deep tissue massage:

  • You may find that you are light-headed after the massage - so no deep tissue before driving long distances or before important meetings.

  • Stiffness for the next few days as your muscles begin to replenish and heal...but it should feel more relaxed after a couple of recovery days.

Does it have to be painful?

No! But sometimes there can be some discomfort when on a trigger point (this could be painful). But the aim is to work in your comfort zone, which can be done with very little discomfort.

If you want deep work without any pain hot stones may be a better option for you.

Throughout, we work together using pressure trigger points, stretches and holds. It's all about communication, and then gradually in further sessions communication will decrease as we learn what works for you together.


Holistic Massage 1hr - £45

Deep Tissue Massage 1hr - £45

Hot stones Massage 1hr - £55

Hot Stones Massage 1hr 30Min - £75 (recommended Period)

Chair Massage 30min - £25

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