Chair Massage

Why Chair Massage?

Chair massage has many benefits for a divers range of circumstances.

Corporate and festivals

The main purpose of chair massage is corporate massage giving good value massage, taking up a smaller area than a full massage couch. This is also true for festivals as you can get more therapists into a smaller area.

The other reason chair massage is such a hit with corporate and festival events is that it is quick, effective and you tend to have the massage whilst fully clothed.

For individual clients

Chair massage is also great for individuals that find lying down uncomfortable or have a small space to massage in their home.

Is it comfortable?

Due to the angle of the body on the chair I can access those sore shoulders, necks and lower back without issue. I can even treat the legs and arms with just a small movement.

And believe it or not, it's a lot comfier than it looks as your body is supported in a way that it should be able to relax into the chair.

How to Book:

For corporate massage please contact me for a quote tailor made to your treatment requirements.

For individuals please check out my treatment page

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