A treat for hard working employees.

Corporate Massage

Corporate massage creates a great feeling of worth and appreciation whilst encouraging positive health and well-being.


Over the years, many companies have found that by incorporating massage in the work place, even once a month* has a positive impact on the health and well-being of their employees.

The benefits of massage are huge, especially if desk and computer based in the work place. Tension in the shoulders, back and neck can cause issues such as headaches, stiffness in the hip and often leads to symptoms such as rounded shoulders and sciatica in the back and legs.

Massage helps by aiding reduction in muscle tension, which can improve posture.

Massage also helps with relaxation; even a 15 minute massage can have a big impact on posture, muscle tension and relaxation.

For corporate massage, there are different ways of working together to get what you and your staff want:

  • Fully Funded Massage. 15-minute chair massage (often paid via the health and wellness company budget)

  • Part funded massage. This allows the company to part fund the full cost per staff member's treatment. For example, the company may pay £10 and the staff member contributes £5 towards the session.

  • Customer funded treatments. This should be booked in advance, and will depend on how you as a company would like to run them. a) Employees could book with me directly and pay via paypal, b) Pay direct to the company when booking a slot, c) Pay on arrival for the treatment.

Treatments can be tailored to your needs. For example, as well as the standard  Chair Massage,  I can offer my Hot Stone or Deep Tissue

massage on the massage couch, if space allows.

Please note prices include travel, oils and hygene products.

*I do recommend massage every other week to maintain progress and help to improve muscular issues.

Chair Massage

Customer Favorite

15min Massage: £12.50
20min Massage: £16.70
30min Massage: £25.00

Mixed Therapy

Whole Body Relaxation

Holistic Massage

20min Massage: £16.70

30min Massage: £25

1hr Massage: £50

Mixed Therapy

Luxury Option

Both can be done as a stand alone treatment option or have both options as part of an ultimate luxury package.

Deep Tissue Massage:

30min Massage: £30

1hr Massage: £60

*Hot Stones Massage:

30min Massage: £30

1hr Massage: £60

*New from April 2018

Please feel free to contact me in regards to my treatment options. We can work together to find what works for you and your staff.

*I have my own Insurance and qualifications for the treatments that I do. If you would like to see them for your own policy standards please let me know.

I am also registered with CNHC for companies that need this standard of registration.

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