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Friends nights in

Group of 3+

Groups & Parties

There are a few options for group packages, please take a look and see what you think.

*Great pampering option* by combining a Neals Yard Remedies pampering evening with a group massage evening.

Even though this is a group option, this is still a professional service. Confidentiality, privacy and meeting individual needs are still part of my treatment.

Depending on the host and the space available. Adjustments can be made, for example; undressing behind a drape, to protect your privacy should a private room be unavailable.

Pamper party

Neals Yard Remadies


Massage Therapy

Chair Massage

Event / Party

This is a clothes-on only massage, which can be set up indoors or outdoors with my massage chair.

Please look at my corporate massage page for further individual prices, or ask for a quote if for a charity event or local fete.

At The Neighbourhood, Cardiff

Great for parent parties

Holistic Massage

*£35 per hour each, saving at least £30 in a 3+ group*

 Some groups preffer £25 Half hour treatments

This is a full body massage experience, where we look at

your specific needs. This could be the need to relax as

you're feeling stressed, you need a bit of loosening up in

the shoulders or maybe just need some TLC on your feet.

It's focused on what you and your body needs.

*This treatment option is great for parent parties*

This is where the other parents look after the children

whilst each parent has their turn being pampered,

knowing their children are happy playing close by.

Great for Hen Parties

Luxury Package

Deep Tissue Massage and Hot Stone Massage are part of my luxury package.

Perfect pampering before you all relax with a bottle of bubbly. The benefits can make your muscles go 'oooh' with relaxation, helping to really relieve those aches and pains. Add in some Neals yard Remadies

Please click on the links above for more information on these gorgeous therapies.

£40 per hour for luxury package (inc. free bottle of bubbly)

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