Treatment Options

Holistic Massage Therapy

Full Body Massage

You are an individual and this treatment allows me to assess you as an individual. This can be on many levels: body, mind and energy. Please click this link to find out how this beautiful therapy could meet your needs. From stress and injuries to simply have time out for yourself. Take a peek and see if I can cater for your needs.

Deep Tissue Massage

Trigger Point Therapy

Deep Tissue Massage comes in many forms and has many layers. Trigger point therapy and Myofascial release are part of its many components.

In short we work together with the different layers of your muscular system, and this helps to release muscle tension. I aim to work with your body and your comfort zone.

Hot Stone

Make your muscles go 'ohhh!'

Float away with this ancient therapy that can feel luxurious and wholesome. It's a treatment I adore, as I can feel the muscles relaxing from the heat of the stones.

This treatment is ideal if you're a bit apprehensive of deeper work, but you feel your muscles need that deeper attention.

Massage Chair

This is a great treatment not only for corporate massage, but also if you find it uncomfortable to lie down.

This is done fully clothed unless customer specifies otherwise and can be done in smaller spaces

Please note there is a cancelation fee of £20 either from the deposite or payed afterwards for the appointment, if cancelled within the 24hr period before the allocated time.

hw-massage Therapy