My Intepretation

There are many interpretations of holistic. This is how I interpret it.

Holistic massage looks at your whole body: muscles, posture, emotion, body tension, digestion, respiration and energy.

The aim is to work with you, the client, to facilitate a healing environment. For your body and energy to balance and to re-engage to relax.

The whole session is controlled by the needs you want to be addressed, and how you want to feel at the end of it.

What happens in the massage:

At the start we have a consultation, this will help to guide me on how you would like your massage, and areas that need looking into. This also includes information I, as a practitioner, need to be aware of, for example, medical conditions and medication, as this could effect depth and style of the massage.

It's all about you:

Once you are happy with the treatment I propose, you will then be asked to remove any jewelry from the massage area (if possible). You undress in privacy to a level that you feel comfortable. I can massage with you fully clothed if that makes you feel more comfortable, but it may effect the style of the massage.

You can then slide under the soft comfy sheets, to find a position you can drift off happily to the land of relaxation.

When you are ready, I will come back in and the massage will start.

When finished I will leave the room and allow you to revive and get dressed in privacy.

I recommend drinking plenty of water throughout the day to help keep you refreshed and fresh after the massage.

What if you want a deeper or softer massage?

This massage is all about you and your comfort. You are encouraged to let me know if you want something changed, and also, I will ask your permission if I feel our treatment plan needs to be altered to get the best benefit for you and your massage.

Holistic Massage


Holistic Massage 1hr - £45

Deep Tissue Massage 1hr - £45

Hot stones Massage 1hr - £55

Hot Stones Massage 1hr 30Min - £75 (recommended Period)

Chair Massage 30min - £25

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